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Chain Type Cargo Lift Platform

The Chain type cargo lift platform is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting platform, used for cargo transportation in industrial plants, restaurants, and warehouses above the second floor. Since the minimum height is only 150-300mm, it is most suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated. With a variety of forms (single-column, double-column, four-column), smooth movement, simple and reliable operation, economical and easy transmission, etc. The specific bearing capacity, the number of elevated layers, and the size can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.


Product Features

1.The hydraulic elevator has no machine room setting, effectively solves the problem of a large area of the elevator, high cost of construction.
2. The hydraulic elevator has no special requirements for the height of the floor, and it is installed in various complicated environments.
3.The chain-type cargo lift platform has no counterweight device, which improves the area utilization rate.
4. Integrated steel structure, more durable
5. Optional
Perimeter protection net
Fully automatic elevator landing door + car (all made of stainless steel)
Elevator digital display control switch

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This series of load and unloading cargo lift platforms are suitable for industries such as factories, wharves, property units, supermarkets, construction, decoration, venues, conference centers, etc.
It can also be used on the shelves of the factory and supermarket, maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning, and maintenance, etc.

After-Sales Service

1 year’s warranty
we have a professional after-sales team,
Selling is just the beginning of our service.
7*24 hours technical support by email, telephone, or video online.

Assembly Line

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Packing And Delivery

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