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Fixed Dock Ramp

A stationary hydraulic dock leveler is the special auxiliary equipment to realize rapid loading and unloading of goods.


Fixed dock ramp Features

1. Adopt imported seals to ensure the excellent sealing performance of the hydraulic system.
2.Imported hydraulic station with the integral module, good sealing, and long service life.
3.High strength “U” beam design can ensure its high load and long time running without deformation.
4.Anti-skid pattern steel plate is adopted to ensure the good anti-skid performance of the platform.
5.Guard against footplate rolling on both sides to prevent toes from sticking into the platform and causing accidental injury.
6.Support rods are provided to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel when entering the internal maintenance of the boarding bridge.

*Product Parameters

Model Platform size Lip Load capacity
DCQG6-0.6 2000*2500mm 400mm 6ton
DCQG8-0.6 2000*2500mm 400mm 8ton
DCQG10-0.6 2000*2500mm 400mm 11ton
Remark We accept the customization for larger loads, and can also customize the color according to your needs


Replacement of loading and unloading trucks, large enterprises with different models, warehouses, stations, docks, warehousing logistics bases, postal transportation, logistics distribution, etc.

fixed dock ramp 8

Pre-Sales Service

* Provide drawing
* Site installation environment survey
* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Operation manual
* Online support, video reference
* Installation guide

Packaging Details

Standard export packaging or according to customer’s requirements.

Delivery Time

7-20workings days after payment, we will choose the best speed and reasonable price.

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