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Greenhouse Picking Scissor Lift Platform

Regarding the greenhouse picking scissor lift platform, there are two options: one is the pipe rail trolley, the other is a trackless trolley. They all have the characteristics of ergonomic design and easy operation. Greenhouse picking scissor lift platforms adopt high strength hydraulic lifting system, to achieve smooth and continuous vertical lifting and moving.


Product Features

Greenhouse picking scissor lift platform has the advantages of small size, low noise, simple structure, easy operation, no pollution, etc.
1.Durable battery, long service time
2.Emergency decline button, ensure safety
3.High strength hydraulic cylinder, smooth lifting
4.Up-down control panel on the platform
5.Flexible mobility, easy operation

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Product Parameters

Model GL0.2-3 GL0.2-4
Max platform height 3000mm 4000mm
Platform size 1910*500mm 1910*500mm
Load capacity 200kg 200kg
Overall size 1936*700*1647mm 1936*700*1982mm
Self weight 490kg 550kg


This series of greenhouse picking scissor lift platforms are mainly used for fruit harvesting, pruning, artificial pollination, and other agricultural operations of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and other crops in the greenhouse. Compared with manual operations, it significantly improves working efficiency.

After-Sales Service

The warranty period is one year from the date of sale of this product.
During the warranty period of this product, spare parts can be provided free of charge.
Selling is just the beginning of our service.
We have a professional after-sales team .7*24 hours technical support by email, telephone, or video online.

Production Line

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