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GTZS Self Propelled Straight Arm Lift Platform

A self-propelled straight arm lift platform was developed by Sino. The maximum working height is 42m and the maximum payload is 480kg. The gradient is 45%; the car is composed of three parts of a telescopic boom and a tower boom mechanism, with a small jib, and a wide working range. With a dual payload control system, the working range can be adjusted according to the payload to meet different load requirements, so it is ideal for building, bridge, steel structure, and stadium construction.


*Product Features

*Dual load control system can adjust the working range according to the load to meet different load requirements.
*The boom and the column are simultaneously amplified and raised by a single-cylinder, which speeds up the approach to the work area, makes the construction more efficient, and is suitable for relatively narrow and narrow places.
*The maintenance-free shaft sleeve and slider can reduce the friction of each hinge point and slider, better adapt to the welding and dusting environment, and greatly reduce the failure rate and the service life of the vehicle.
*Power system integrates electronically controlled engine, oil pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor, speed sensor, etc. The safe and reliable ECU is equipped with a fault diagnosis port, making fault diagnosis and maintenance easier.

*Product Parameters

Model Power source Platform height Platform capacity Max horizontal outreach Self weight Dimension(LWH)
GTZS-60 Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 18.3 m 230kg 15.09 m 12220kg 8.45*2.43*2.67 m
GTZS-66J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 20.3 m 230kg 17.3 m 12720kg 10.27*2.43*2.67 m
GTZS-72J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 22.2 m 230kg 20.2 m 13220kg 10.69*2.5*2.7 m
GTZS-80J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 23.7 m 230kg 20.3 m 13720kg 11.3*2.5*2.7 m
GTZS-86J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 26.7 m 200kg 23.4 m 16520kg 12.46*2.5*2.8 m
GTZS-98J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 29.6 m 200kg 21.2 m 17020kg 13.5*2.5*2.8 m
GTZS-105J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 32 m 340kg 24.4 m 18740kg 14.02*3.35*3.08 m
GTZS-125J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 38.4m 340kg 24.4 m 20160kg 14.1*3.35*3.08 m


Hotels, clothing stores, building materials stores, machinery repair shops, manufacturing plants, food, and beverage plants, farms, restaurants, home use, retail, food stores, printing shops, construction engineering, energy and mining, food and beverage shops, advertising

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