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GTZZ Self Propelled Fold Arm Lift Platform

GTZZ’s self-propelled fold arm lift platform is in a tortuous state when it is raised. The structure of the lifting platform adopts electromechanical-hydraulic integration, reliability design, and computer-aided design technologies. GTZZ self-propelled fold arm lift platform is a fully hydraulic driven, self-propelled special chassis. It has broken through the limitation that the domestic aerial work elevator can only be modified by the design of the car or crane chassis.


The crank arm type is often small in size, traveling under load, and has good operating stability. The chassis structure breaks through the traditional design theory and method, and the center of gravity offset is reduced by optimizing the overall layout and load distribution of the loading platform

*Product Features

1. The movement is more flexible, the span height is higher, suitable for the complex working environment;
2. In narrow areas and aisles, it can optimally meet the requirements of upward and span extension, and the flying arm can perform vertical swing of 135°
3. The working platform can swing horizontally by 160°, so that it can cross a certain obstacle and move up and down in one place to perform multi-point operations, and can enter places that are difficult to reach by traditional equipment.

*Product Parameters

Model Power source Platform height Platform capacity Max horizontal outreach Self weight Dimension(LWH)
GTZZ-14EJ DC Power 14 m 230kg 7.6m 7100kg 6*1.73*2m
GTZZ-16EJ DC Power 15.7 m 230kg 9.3m 7300kg 6.8*1.9*2m
GTZZ-15 Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 14.8 m 250kg 7.62m 7100kg 5.6*2.26*2.22m
GTZZ-15J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 14.7 m 250kg 8.5m 7080kg 7.35*2.26*2.22m
GTZZ-18J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 18.3 m 250kg 12.2m 10700kg 8.6*2.28*2.56m
GTZZ-25J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 24.6 m 230kg 16.1m 16300kg 11.51*2.49*3.2m
GTZZ-46J Cummins/Perkins diesel engine 46.6m 275kg 25.5m 26300kg 15*2.49*3.2m


GTZZ’s self-propelled fold arm lift platform is suitable for working spaces that are difficult to access, such as bridge maintenance and construction, indoor and outdoor venue construction, steel structure buildings, municipal greening, and other construction scenarios.

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