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Manual Motorcycle Lift Platform

A manual motorcycle lift platform is very practical and can be used to repair the motorcycle, Motorcycles or displays could also be used for other similar equipment. Its principle is by foot hydraulic rise, fall is more simple


*Product Features

The manual motorcycle lift platform
* Structure with disassembling rear wheel.
* The lift platform can be easily fixed on the ground to enhance stability.
* The platform will not slide while mending the motorcycle.
* The lift platform can be easily moved and turned.

manual motorcycle lift platform 8

1.The machine is well-designed reasonable structure, safety, and reliable suitable for all kinds of motorcycle
2.The hydraulic drive, working platform connection extension, lifting stably
3.Rise and fall with a safety alarm device
4.Safety unlocking device has pneumatic release, convenient and reliable
5.Shot blasting surface dispose of, advanced outdoor powder, automatic electrostatic spraying, beautiful and durable
6.CNC bending machine, laser plate cutter, laser tube cutter, plasma cutting machine, welding robots, and other large equipment processing, accurate size, and surface smooth

*Product Parameters

Model Size Load capacity Qty/20GP


1.8*0.5m 200kg 130
2*0.5m 200kg 120
1.8*0.6m 300kg 125
2*0.6m 300kg 80

manual motorcycle lift platform 9

The above dimensions are for reference only, we accept customization.

*Application And After-Sales Service

Quality of Sino Products:
1.100% inspection in the production process
2.100% inspection when assembling finished(Load Limiting Device Test and Proof Load Test)
3.inspect products before shipment according to Quality Supervision Bureau requirements
4 inspection by buyer (if need)
Note: We will ensure that 100% qualified before shipment


One year after shipment.
If the problem coursed by factory side, we will supply free spare parts or products until the problem is solved.
If the problem coursed by the customer, We will supply technic support and supply spare parts with lower price.

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