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QB Self Driven Articulating Arm Lift Platform

QB self-driven articulating arm lift platform can work at high places over obstacles, and when the platform is lifted to any position, it can work while walking. It can rotate 360 degrees in the air and platform height is from 8m to 14m. The width of the QB self-driven articulating arm lift platform’s site can ensure that equipment enters narrow areas, passages, and crowded work areas. The standby power unit, operable working platform reset, convenient transportation method, can be towed anywhere.


*Product Features

Simple operation/easy to use/large working area
1. For indoor and outdoor high-altitude operations
2. With self-walking, self-supporting legs
3. Able to cross certain obstacles or lift in one place for multi-point high-altitude operations
4. The power can choose diesel engine, battery, diesel, and electric dual purpose

*Product Parameters

Model Platform height Capacity Working radius Power source Weight Dimension Traveling speed
QB-8 8m 180kg 3m Diesel 1500kg 4*1.7*2.7m 15-30km/h
QB-10 10m 180kg 3.4m Diesel 1600kg 4*1.7*2.7m 15-30km/h
QB-12 12m 180kg 4m Diesel 1800kg 4.8*2.1*3.1m 15-30km/h
QB-13.5 13.5m 180kg 4.2m Diesel 1900kg 5.1*2.2*3.3m 15-30km/h
QB-14 14m 180kg 4.2m Diesel 1950kg 5.1*2.2*3.3m 15-30km/h
Remark Also can add AC power or battery power source


QB self-driven articulating arm lift platform is suitable for various terrains in the field and has a strong high-altitude operation capability. It is mainly used in construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding, airports, mines, ports and docks, communication and power facilities, and outdoor advertising engineering machinery and equipment.

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Product Detail

qb self driven articulating arm lift platform 7Control
Standard horn, headlights, gear control, instruments, can be equipped with battery drive, manual gear operation, smooth driving.
High-load pneumatic tires, model 450-14, produces in Shandong Sangong Rubber Product Co., Ltd., with strong wear resistance, suitable for all kinds of ground.
shaped outriggers are used, which are easy to operate and suitable for multiple roads and working conditions. The hydraulic outriggers are equipped with hydraulic locking devices to prevent the outrigger cylinders from retracting.

qb self driven articulating arm lift platform 6

Control Panel

It is equipped with function buttons such as upper control, lower control, left rotation, right rotation, and the upper support arm and lower support arm can be adjusted and raised separately, which is more flexible.
The use of electromechanical and hydraulic integration, reliability design, and computer-aided design technology increases the overall cost of the chassis and ensures the operation process and stability of the whole machine.
Equipped with a platform ladder, safety guardrail, lighting lamp, platform control panel can control the lowering, raising, rotating and other operations on the platform, which can realize the adjustment requirements of any height, any direction, and any position in the space, which is safe and convenient.


* The warranty period of all the products is 12 Months.
* New parts and complete electrical/mechanical/hydraulic diagrams will be provided to you for free when a failure occurred within the warranty period. And videos are available if necessary.

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7~20 working days after payment, we will choose the best speed and reasonable price.

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