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Self Driven Aluminium Lift Platform

The Self-driven aluminum lift platform adopts high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which have a beautiful appearance, small size, lightweight, flexible operation, and convenient insertion. It has the advantages of stable lifting, safety, and reliability.


Features Of Self-Driven Aluminium Lift Platform

◇Proportional controls
◇Automatic Pothole Protection
◇Emergency lowering system
◇Onboard diagnostic system
◇Tilt sensor with alarm
◇Charger protection
◇Low voltage alarm
◇Forklift pockets

Optional: design service is approval the standard models cannot fulfil the needs.

*Product Parameters

Model GTWY600-1S GTWY750-1S GTWY750-2S GTWY900-2S
Load capacity 125kg 125kg 200kg 150kg
Platform height 6.0m 7.5m 7.5m 9.0m
Working height 8.0m 9.5m 9.5m 11.0m
Platform size 0.78*0.7m 0.78*0.7m 1.0*0.7m 1.0*0.7m
Grade ability 25% 25% 25% 25%
Wheel base 1.15m 1.15m 1.28m 1.28m
Driven motor 2*24V/0.4KW 2*24V/0.4KW 2*24V/0.5KW 2*24V/0.5KW
Lifting motor 24v/1.1kw 24v/1.1kw 24v/2kw 24v/2kw
Charger 24v/12A 24V/12A 24V/12A 24V/12A
Weight 880kg 910kg 1200kg 1450kg

* Suitable for a single person operation
* Fully elevated walking
* Maximum working height: 5m, 6.5m, 8m
* Power supply: battery DC24V
* Active front steering system, rear axle drive
* Suitable for complex sites that require frequent replacement of workstations

self driven aluminium lift platform 8

self driven aluminium lift platform 6

Application And After-Sales Service

☆ Application of Self-driven aluminium lift platform:
Self-propelled Aluminium lift suitable for all kinds of outdoor rugged terrain, a wide range of space operations, mainly used in construction, bridge construction, construction, shipbuilding, airports, mines, ports, communications and power facilities and outdoor advertising construction equipment.

☆ Quality Assurance

1. Aluminium lift is equipped with world advanced computer driving production lines
2.Short Lead time with 7-15 working days
3.Manufactured with high quality materials
4.CE, ISO9001 certificates
You are ensured that you received a good quality product
We have specialized design engineers, can provide drawings and layout

☆ Package&Shipping

All the machine parts have been packaging, and the whole of the machine with a waterproofing membrane. And then have been package use standard wood case (The fumigation-free ), on the case top and bottom have steel tube for support. Let it more strong to avoid damage during the transport and for long-distance transportation.

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