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Semi-Electric Stock Order Picker

The semi-electric stock order picker is suitable for working in narrow spaces.

Loading capacity can reach 200kg. And lifting height from 2.7m to 4.5m.

The semi-electric stock order picker is famous for its small compact body size, simple structure, and very low failure rate. It uses a battery to rise and fall, manually pushed by a man.


Product Features

1. Manually walking, electric lifting
2. The machine is restricted to work in the charging state
3. Equipped with an emergency drop valve device
4. There are four outriggers, open when working to increase the stability of the reclaimer
5. There is a console on the workbench, which can control the rising and falling of the reclaimer
6. Two-level and three-level mast
Semi-electric 2.7 and 3.3 meters use 2-level mast, 4 and 4.5 meters use 3-level mast, so the height of 4 meters is lower than 3.3 meters.

Product Parameters

Specifications AT2-2.7 AT2-3.3 AT2-4.0 AT2-4.5
Max platform height (mm) 2700 3300 4000 4500
Max working height (mm) 4700 5300 6000 6500
Min distance to the ground (mm) 35
Max load(kg) 200
Platform size (mm) 630*620
Battery (v/Ah) 12/120
Charger( v/A) 12/15
Overall Length (mm) 1300
Overall Width (mm) 760 840 840 840
Overall Height (mm) 1760 2040 1810 1980
Overall Net Weight (kg) 290 350 410 450


This series of semi-electric stock order pickers is suitable for industries such as factories, wharves, property units, supermarkets, construction, decoration, venues, conference centers, etc.
It can also be used on the shelves of the factory and supermarket, maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning, and maintenance, etc.

After-Sales Service

1 year’s warranty
we have a professional after-sales team,
Selling is just the beginning of our service.
7*24 hours technical support by email, telephone, or video online.

Production Line

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