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SJY Trailer Type Scissor Lift Platform

SJY trailer type scissor lift platform, the lifting mechanism of SJY series hydraulic lifting platform is made of high strength manganese steel rectangular tube. The lifting height is 4-18m, and the load capacity ranges from 300kg-2000kg. SJY trailer-type scissor lift platform is the best product for high-altitude lifting operations. Mainly used for mechanical installation, equipment maintenance, and building maintenance in stations, wharves, bridges, halls, and workshops.


*Product Features

1.Two remote control: It is easy and convinces to operate by control box on the ground and controller on the basket.
2.Spirit level: Ensure safety before lifting up, when the bubble is in the middle, It means ok to lift after outriggers being opened.
3.Strong Scissor Structure: High stability scissor structure.Much stronger material Q345.
4.Strong Outriggers: Open the strong outriggers to ensure safety before operating. It can be stretched out and drawn back.

*Product Parameters

 Model Platform (mm) Load(kg) Lifted height(m) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
SJY0.5-4 2100*830 500 4 2250*950*1100 800
SJY0.5-6 2100*830 500 6 2250*950*1200 880
SJY0.5-7 2100*830 500 6.8 2250*950*1280 970
SJY0.5-8 2100*930 500 8 2250*1060*1380 1050
SJY0.5-9 2100*930 500 9 2250*1060*1500 1165
SJY0.5-10 2100*1230 500 10 2250*1350*1530 1360
SJY0.5-11 2100*1230 500 11 2250*1350*1650 1400
SJY0.5-12 2550*1530 500 12 2796*1670*1750 2260
SJY0.5-14 2812*1530 500 14 3067*1730*1810 2486
SJY0.3-16 2812*1600 300 16 3067*1810*2080 3063
SJY0.3-18 3070*1600 300 18 3321*1810*2080 3900
SJY1.0-4 2100*1200 1000 4 2250*1350*1180 1250
SJY1.0-6 2100*1200 1000 6 2250*1350*1300 1400
SJY1.0-8 2100*1200 1000 8 2250*1350*1420 1585
SJY1.0-10 2100*1200 1000 10 2250*1350*1530 1700
SJY1.0-12 2550*1530 1000 12 2796*1670*1750 2560
SJY1.0-14 2812*1600 1000 14 3067*1810*1900 3230
SJY1.5-6 2100*1530 1500 6 2250*1750*1530 1780
SJY1.5-8 2100*1530 1500 8 2250*1750*1690 2070
SJY1.5-10 2100*1530 1500 10 2250*1750*1850 2250
SJY1.5-12 2550*1530 1500 12 2796*1762*1850 2900
SJY1.5-14 2816*1600 1500 14 3045*1852*1960 3400
SJY2.0-6 2100*1530 2000 6 2250*1750*1530 1780
SJY2.0-8 2100*1530 2000 8 2250*1750*1690 2070
SJY2.0-10 2100*1530 2000 10 2250*1750*1850 2250
SJY2.0-12 2550*1600 2000 12 2796*1852*1954 3200
SJY2.0-14 2816*1600 2000 14 3067*1852*2230 3900


SJY trailer type scissor lift platforms are widely used to Construction sites, workshops, warehouses, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, wharf, gas stations, stadium, electric power, overhead pipeline, and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance, cleaning, etc., are also used for lifting equipment maintenance, field power facilities maintenance, steel structure workshop maintenance, etc., they are good helpers for your high-altitude operation.

After-Sales Service

We have rich experience in handling orders for heavy buyers with a professional process. Stable raw material purchasing.
*Favorable orders follow-up management.
*Traceable quality evaluation
*Laudable lead-time&shipment control
*Flexible payment terms
*Remarkable after-sale service.

Product Detail

Basic Configuration
Default AC Power control raise and down, move by an external force
*AC Power *Remote Control 2pcs *Outrigger 4pcs *Pneumatic Tyre 4pcs
*Pump station *Hydraulic cylinder *Tow bar by manual *Emergency drop valve

Optional Configuration

*Change Battery to raise and down *Add battery power for moving
*Change diesel engine power *Extend platform
*Solid tire *Pull out the outriggers
*Trailer handlebar *Add remote control, warning light

sjy trailer type scissor lift platform 5

*Remote Control

This is a remote control, It can control the machine to go up and down.
Have 2pcs, you can control it on the ground and platform.
*Hydraulic Cylinder
Support machine up and down
*Pump Station
It provides enough power for the machine to go up and down
*Pneumatic Tyre
It has 4pcs pneumatic tire, suit for all kinds of road

sjy trailer type scissor lift platform 6*Outrigger
4pcs Outrigger, ensure safety when working
*Tow Bar
Walking by manual
*Emergency Drop Valve
When there is no power, the platform can be lowered with this button
*Emergency Stop Button
Press the red button when there is an accident, the machine will stop work.


* The warranty period of all the products is 12 Months.
* New parts and complete electrical/mechanical/hydraulic diagrams will be provided to you for free when a failure occurred within the warranty period. And videos are available if necessary.


sjy trailer type scissor lift platform 7We use professional export wooden box packaging to protect the machine or Free plastic film and cartons.
The transit time depends on the region, Generally, the goods can be received within 25-35 days by sea.
1-2 units are transported by LCL, ≥5 units are transported in the whole container.

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