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TGZ Trailer Type Boom Lift Platform

TGZ trailer type boom lift platform is one of the most ideal aerial lift platforms for both indoors and outdoors maintenance work. It can rotate 360 degrees in the air and platform height is from 8m to 20m. Trailer type boom lift platform is driven by Diesel, Gas, or Battery or confused Power.TGZ trailer type boom lift platform is widely used in neighborhood units, road light maintenance, factories high place maintenance, construction site and so on.


*Product Features

1.Two sources of power: Storage battery and Diesel engine. And the storage battery works without noise.
2.Four full-automatic hydraulic legs, provide great stability for the equipment.
3.Boom rotation 360°, so it can work across the barriers.

*Product Parameters

TGZ trailer type boom lift platform
Model Platform height Capacity Working radius Power source Dimension Weight
TGZ-8 8m 200kg 4.5m Diesel engine 5.2*1.5*1.9m 1500kg
TGZ-10 10m 200kg 5m Diesel engine 5.4*1.665*1.9m 1700kg
TGZ-12 12m 200kg 6m Diesel engine 6.4*1.665*1.9m 2000kg
TGZ-14 14m 200kg 8.5m Diesel engine 6.2*1.73*2.1m 2350kg
TGZ-16 16m 200kg 9m Diesel engine 7*1.73*2.2m 2600kg
TGZ-18 18m 200kg 10m Diesel engine 7.1*1.85*2.26m 4300kg
TGZ-20 20m 200kg 12m Diesel engine 7.7*1.85*2.26m 4450kg


TGZ trailer-type boom lift platform is suitable for various rugged terrains in the field and has a wide range of space operations. It is mainly used for construction machinery and equipment for construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding, airports, mines, ports, communications and power facilities, and outdoor advertising.

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Product Detail

tgz trailer type boom lift platform 6Operation Platform

360°rotating anti-skid table, large working area, easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position, is ideal high-altitude working equipment.
Control Box
Easy to identify operation panel, advanced integrated control system, simple and flexible operation.
The body adopts new high-quality steel, compact and stable structure, full hydraulic special chassis, high strength, lightweight, and heavy load.

tgz trailer type boom lift platform 5

Support rod+front wheel
Convenient for safe parking of equipment, good body balance, easy to transport, and flexible to move.
The outrigger controls the handle
It can realize single-leg and multi-leg support, automatic hydraulic outriggers, erecting speed blocks, safe and easy to operate.
Pneumatic tires
Good air tightness, strong bearing capacity, strong wear resistance, no frequent maintenance, long service life.


* The warranty period of all the products is 12 Months.
* New parts and complete electrical/mechanical/hydraulic diagrams will be provided to you for free when a failure occurred within the warranty period. And videos are available if necessary.
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Delivery Time
7~20 working days after payment, we will choose the best speed and reasonable price.

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