Trackless Tranfer Cart

The trackless transfer cart is also known as trackless flat cart, non-rail electric flat cart, etc., it is a special type of electric flat cart.

Compared to track flat carts, there are no track restrictions, it can go forward, backward, turn left and right, more flexible. The trackless transfer cart is often used for cross-transportation in multiple workshops.


Product Features

1. Especially designed and configured, with a small turning radius
2.Use a maintenance-free battery, easy to maintain
3.Can 360°flexible turn, go forward, backward, left, and right
4.Available safety equipment includes horns, lights, emergency stops, bumpers, and detectors.
5.Load capacity from 1 ton to 100 tons
6.Flat deck or can add fixtures for transporting special material
7.Dimensions, capacity, loading platform customized as request

Product Parameters

Model BWP-2t BWP-20t BWP-50t BWP-100t
Rated Load(t) 2 20 50 100
Length(L) 2000 4000 5500 6500
Width(W) 1500 2000 2500 2800
Height(H) 150 550 650 850
Wheel Base(mm) 1200 2800 4200 4900
Rail Inner Gauge(mm) 1200 1435 1435 2000
Wheel Diameter(mm) 270 350 500 600
Wheel Quantity 4 4 4 4
Ground Clearance(mm) 50 50 50 75
Running Speed(mm) 25 20 20 20
Motor Power(kw) 0.8 2.5 5.5 11


This series of trackless transfer carts are mainly used in brick factories, building materials, stone materials, railway logistics, aluminum industry, roads, battlefields, mine construction, equipment manufacturing, papermaking, energy and power, metal processing, tunnel engineering, steel metallurgy, hydropower industry, aerospace military industry, Ship terminal, automobile machinery, charcoal industry, petrochemical industry, railway system, control industry, sandblasting room, paint spraying room.
Because of its many advantages such as convenience, robustness, economy, practicality, and easy cleaning, it has become the preferred means of transport for frequent heavy loads within the enterprise plant and short distances between the plant and the plant.

After-Sales Service

1 year’s warranty
we have a professional after-sales team,
Selling is just the beginning of our service.
7*24 hours technical support by email, telephone, or video online.

Production Line

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Packing And Shipping

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